I gaze at her
with my blue eyes singing
I’ve never thought.

My eyes are inhaling,
and how they manageRead More »


The Circle of Life

There’s a dip below the clavicle
that begs to cradle the zygoma.
The zygoma makes a sort of
symbiotic, constant cry.

The baby’s satisfied through her mother,
until mom gives her to a man.
Soon he hands her to their baby,
and it all begins again.

The Dreams

Welcome back. I guess you never left, huh?
I didn’t invite you here.

This is my mind- the place you roam, though you’ll never know its streets.

It is daytime here, though you and I are star-blanketed.

All the underground thought-lings come out to play now.
You’re drug along.

And I am played the brand-new season of a long-dead drama.Read More »

Announcement, Thanks, and Teaser Poem

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently in the seeking agents and publishers stage with my first full-length manuscript. Thank you for all your support on my poetry journey thus far! I can’t tell you much about the manuscript besides the fact that it’s filled with material not found here, but let’s hope someone picks it up so I can start teasing about it!

I can give you another teaser, though- Do enjoy the below poem. Part of the same narrative, it chronologically proceeds my usual, upcoming Friday poem. They both deal with processing things through dreams and the curious psychological rather than external shiftsRead More »

The Stirring

I can tell it is coming, for it’s already here-
love like moisture in humid air, about to rain down.

Whispering through the rustling leaves, tickling my ear,
anticipation comes long before thunder sounds.
I can tell it is coming, for it’s already here.

As vividly felt as transporting scent-Read More »