The Little Pony

ride a little pony into town
ride a little pony-
you fell down

No longer two but twenty-two,
no longer atop my grandpa’s knees but straddling a tight rope,
no longer slipping between his legs-Read More »


Kindred Spirit

Aware. Silent communication. Glance.

Always see
where the pupils don’t gaze.

Meet. Match. Convey.
Look away. Smile.

Connect. Click. Chemistry.



I look to the sky, seeing nitrogen, oxygen,
argon, water, and light.

“The biggest white mass,” you ask,
“What do you see it as?”

To me, it seems a pirate ship.
To you, it seems a house.

We have on our hands: a person,
a difference, and each of these three
is pretty.

But you look to the sky, seeing rock, clay,Read More »