Room 307’s First December Dusk

Scrapes and scuttles above my bed
but beneath the record player crooning
carols for the sliders and shufflers
to grate and whoosh to-

Do tree and garland rise in the upstairs room?
Or does the furniture scoot to perfect
And that, for feet to twirl and sway-
for the first or hundredth time?

With arms open as wide as the heartsRead More »


On Being an Ideas Person

After a month of nearly falling off the bottom of the earth,
Ma placed me in my bed, where I woke imagining
feeling wide-eyed, refreshed, wondrous of where I was-
jumping off the bed, landing in flexible splat as impossible
as the dogs I used to try to draw were ugly.

I didn’t really know how dogs’ heads or human bodies worked,
but I wanted a Lisa Frank retriever and my butt to be in the air,Read More »

Announcement, Thanks, and Teaser Poem

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently in the seeking agents and publishers stage with my first full-length manuscript. Thank you for all your support on my poetry journey thus far! I can’t tell you much about the manuscript besides the fact that it’s filled with material not found here, but let’s hope someone picks it up so I can start teasing about it!

I can give you another teaser, though- Do enjoy the below poem. Part of the same narrative, it chronologically proceeds my usual, upcoming Friday poem. They both deal with processing things through dreams and the curious psychological rather than external shiftsRead More »