Hear me explain myself, and give me writing prompts!

So, anyone notice that I posted two poems today, when I wasn’t supposed to post any? That was an accident. 😛

I definitely did not know those old poem drafts were posting today! But you can thank my nine-years-younger self for the second one… which I deleted, because it needs massive and important work. But I guess I’ll try to get it up next week to satisfy any curiosity and please those who liked it before I noticed and took it down.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve shared a poem on this blog every Friday for a while now, but I’m going to scale back. I want to maintain a sense of control over this blog, and I want to post excellent work that will be well-worth your time.

Between my main profession and some career development I’m working on there, as well as other aspects of growing my writing career, and you know… life… I don’t currently have time to give a weekly poem of the quality I want these posts to be at.

I’m going to cut back to every other Friday for now. Thanks as always for reading! See you next week! 😉


You never croak, but you roar like a frog.
You bark an extended note, though you never howl.

You write her love songs, drunk on ale.
Buzzed on tea, I ink the sound down.

‘S’alright. My pen’s as neutered
as I always said it was.

And my love’s as strong as you strike
those chords

over, and over, and over again. Sway side to side.

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