Hear me explain myself, and give me writing prompts!

So, anyone notice that I posted two poems today, when I wasn’t supposed to post any? That was an accident. 😛

I definitely did not know those old poem drafts were posting today! But you can thank my nine-years-younger self for the second one… which I deleted, because it needs massive and important work. But I guess I’ll try to get it up next week to satisfy any curiosity and please those who liked it before I noticed and took it down.

(Because no, this poet does not get notifications on her flip phone.)

So while we’re here, are there any topics you’d enjoy reading more about? Or that you enjoy reading about in general? You are my readers, after all.

And do you have any specific writing prompts? My favorite poem that ever came out of writing prompts had “garbanzo beans” as one of the prompts, so hit me with your best and your worst!


12 thoughts on “Hear me explain myself, and give me writing prompts!

  1. Say what? But I loved it and had returned to comment on it, but poah… nothing. So, here we go: I love how this time it’s a him playing hard to get 🤷😇🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣👌 I loved it


  2. Prompts that come to mind.
    * dusty room
    * the last time
    * the first step
    * fog horns
    * blind faith
    * moving forward
    * that one place

    There you go Lydia, hope you can find something useful for your writing.✍️☮️

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  3. I was just thinking how I often write 2-3 items at a time and set them to post at future times. Sometimes I have writers block, and other times the thoughts are flowing freely. So, I understand about your posts showing up when you hadn’t realized they would post. That happens sometimes.

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