I like to jump.
Jump is the good thing for me.

I do what I like; I like a lot.
My heart knows Go;
My feet have yet to meet Stop.

My curls are far from tame.

My eyes are brown; My eyes are round.
My skin should be ruddy, you’d think if you knew me,
but it is not: It is olive and perfect.

My curls, they are not tame.

I am honest; I am loving.
I’m full of hope,
and I am jumping.

I like to jump. Jump is the good thing for me.

I have a sister; I have a brother.
They’re not like me. They are weary.
Still, I feel that they both are perfect.
Can we all be if we’re all different?

My sister’s hair is tamed…

They act as though I’ll “know” some day.
Know what? I don’t know! I wouldn’t think to change.
But there’s something in their tone when they say,

“Your curls have yet to be tamed.”

But I am me!
I am honest and loving;
I am full of hope,
and I am jumping.
I have a brother and sister, and I-

I have untamed curls.

These threads here are my world.
If you snip one thread,
could you snip the rest?
That would unravel my entire dress!
I do like to be naked and free,
but this is the dress of me.

I don’t know what the future holds;
I just see today.
Today, I am bold.

Today, I’d never think to tame my curls.

I do not see them;
I don’t see me.
I see my feet!
My feet are jumping.

I like to jump;
Jump is the good thing for me.

My curls are far from tame.


19 thoughts on “jumping

  1. A music video was put out by an artist in The Netherlands, back in the Twenty-Tennies. It featured three people Jump Dancing… I had the tune (hence back beat) in my head while reading. Everything fell into place perfectly.

    Don’t forget to set your cell phone back an hour tonight.

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  2. Hello Lydia, I love your poem and its powerful message of positive rebellion through the untamed curls. Haha, so are mine. The narrator of the poem and I are both jumping with love and hope. What lovely empathy in our current dark times. But, yes, I see a light at the end of the tunnel we are in. Thank you so much for the follow. I really appreciate this! And also thank you for cheering me up with this beautiful poem of hope. I strongly believe in nonviolent civil resistance movements: https://momentsbloc.wordpress.com/2018/06/19/non-violence-suceeds/


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