Heights, Defiance, and Things at Stake

No matter your imaginings and dreams,
gravity, a mere theory, not really proved,
preached by grown-ups, strikes you true-

You’ve never managed to fly away
or stop their pulling your feet back to
the ground, your head out of the clouds.
Your grown-ups haven’t stayed starry-eyed.

Danger, of course, you take as even less than theory-Read More »


Suicidal Rain

Drops fall in unison,
roaring on the roof like
a giant’s fan sent to cool the homestead off.

Meanwhile, the beads that fell first
splash into puddles and pots,
filling rows up when all they did was fall down.

The grey has never brightened your mood,
but I guzzle water.
You don’t see its point; You want
the sun to match the marigolds,Read More »